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Congratulations to Handson won the“2013 Green hotel recommended supplier”

On November 9, 2013, supported by the national ministry of commerce, the national green hotel working committee and China hotel association hosted the 2013 China hotel industry conference on green development in westin hotel of guangzhou.  Nanjing Handson Co.,Ltd and  nearly 300 hotel enterprises from all over the country took part in the Ceremonious meeting.With the theme of development in green transformation,conference held in ways of forum session,cases study and neogiations. Executive vice president of nanjing Handson corporation,Mr Yang Haifeng addressed a open speech In a brand new way of thinking about how to push the development of green hotel.At the end of the meeting, congress representative awarded Handson honory of “2013 green hotel recommend  supplier”and issued the certificate  

Mr Yanghaifeng was accepting the certificate from congress representative
Green hotel refers to the use of environmental health and safety philosophy, adhere to the ecology of green management, advocating green consumption and the rational use of resources. Its core principle is to provide customers with green rooms and dining  meeting the requirements of environmental protection and human health.